High performance Epoxy Coating

Poly Coat High Performance Epox
y Coating is unique, 100% solids Epoxy which cures to a high gloss stain resistant, high washable surface.

Polythane 1005

A revolutionary new type of Aliphatic Polyurethane coating.

Polybond 1030

Textured Coating

Polybond 2040
Polybond 2090

Epoxy Gel Patch / Stone Epoxy / Thin Set

PolyCoat 470

An excellent lining system for a variety of acids, alkalies,hypochlorites, free chlorine and many other chemicals. Used to line tanks, trenches, sumps and for protection of floors

PolyArmor Coat

Hard, durable, abrasion and chemical resistant finish which is not attainable with regular coating systems

Polythane 1001

Advantages: Non-yellowing · High Abrasion Resistance · High Mar Resistance · High Gloss · Good Flexibility · Good Impact Resistance

Polythane 1002

Polythane - 1002 is a clear coating and sealer for areas where high wear resistance is required. It is a one component moisture cured polyurethane.

PolyGard 159 FR

Fire resistant epoxy coating and resurfacing compound which meets 94-VO rating


Two component 100% solid moisture insensitive epoxy system used in the repair and rehabilitation of concrete. It has an excellent bond to concrete, wood, steel, taracota and other materials. Its mortar-like consistancy makes it an excellent choice for repairing horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Selected aggregates are incorporated into the system


For moderate to light traffic areas requiring beauty and low maintenance costs.


Under Water Coating

Hydroseal is a 100% solid two component epoxy system. Hydroseal systems are especially formulated for under water applications. They are recommended for both salt water and fresh water uses.