PolyBond 721.01

PolyBond 721.01

PolyBond 721.01 is an epoxy mortar binder which is used in the repair and rehabilitation of concrete. When used in conjunction with clean, dry, well-graded sand, this epoxy system will yield an epoxy mortar possessing excellent physical properties. It is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy resin system. PolyBond 721.01 meets the requirements of New York State D.O.T. Item 721-01 (formerly M-29A).

Tests Results

Part A - Light Buff

Part B - Reddish Brown

Mixing Ratio (A:B) 2:1 by Volmue
Viscosity (Mixed A&B) 2000 CPS Max
Hardness Over 80 Shore D
Epoxy Mortar Properties 1:3 (Epoxy Binder/Dry Aggregate) by Loose Volume
Compressive Strength

24hrs 8300 PSI min

48hrs 12000 PSI min

Split Tensile Strength 24hrs 1350 PSI min
Pot Life 60F/70F/90F

Without Aggregate 20/15/10

With Aggregate 70/45/30

Initial Cure 5hrs, 3hrs,1hr
Final Cure 3,2,1 Days


  • Epoxy mortar for concrete overlays
  • Patching waterproof and skid resistant wearing surface overlays and coatings
  • Epoxy grout for keyways in prestressed concrete box beams
  • Adhesive for bonding dry construction materials

Surface Preparation

Remove all dust, laitance, grease, oil, curing compounds, waxes, and other contaminants. Remove all deteriorated concrete. The surface should be sound and dry