PolyBond 721.02

PolyBond 721.02

PolyBond 721.02 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy/ polysulfide compound used primarily as binder for sand or coarse aggregate when patching or resurfacing horizontal concrete surfaces. It can also be used for bonding new to old concrete. PolyBond 721.02 comforms with Federal Specification MMM-B 00350B, New York State D.O.T. Specification for Item 721-02 (formerly Item M29B), and AASHTO M236-73, Class II.

Tests Results

Part A - Amber

Part B - Brownish

Mixing Ratio (A:B) By Volume 2:1
Pot Life 40min - 1Gal
Initial Cure 24hrs
Final Cure 7 Days
VEHICLE Compressive Sheer (PolyBond 721.02 WITHOUT sand)  
VEHICLE Double Strength (PolyBond 721.02 WITHOUT sand) 400 PSI min
Beam Break 800lbs min
Mortar Tensile Strength (PolyBond 721.02 WITH 4 parts of sand) 800 PSI
Mortar Compressive Strength 8000 PSI


  • PATCHING of spalled or scaled concrete areas on bridge deck, roadways, floors, and sidewalks
  • GROUTING of non-moving cracks, anchor bollts, dowels
  • RESURFACING of pavements or floors
  • BONDING new to old concrete

PolyBond 721.02 should be used at ambient temperatures above 50°F. For Federal projects use PolyBond 721.02 Type I or II. For AASHTO projects, use PolyBond 721.02 Gray Type II

Surface Preparation

Remove dirt, loose particles, and weak sections. Asphalt and oil contaminants should be removed with a detergent, followed by thorough rinsing

After that, surface should either be treated with 10-15% hydrochloric acid and thoroughly rinsed or sandblasted and vacumed


Combine Part A, Base, with Part B, Hardener, 2:1 by volume. Add 3-4 parts by volume of dry aggregate. Mix thoroughly with a 2'1 drill equipped with "Jiffy" mixer. Large quantities may be mixed in pug type mixer


Ottawa Flintshot Sand passing No. 30 sieve 281%, No. 40 sieve 67%, and No. 50 sieve 5%. A coarser aggregate can be used depending upon depth of patching


Concrete surfaces should be primed with PolyBond 721.02 (without sand)


Apply with trowel before primer gels at ambient temperatures above 50°F. At lower temperatures use PolyBond 721.02, Type II

For bonding new to old concrete apply PolyBond 721.02 with brush roller or spray


Mortar: One gallon PolyBond 721.02 mixed with 4 loose gallons of sand produces about 2 cubic foot of mortar

Bonding Compound

50-100 square feet per gallon depending on surface condition. Minimum thickness required is 10 mils