Garage Floor Repair Epoxy

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Delta Polymers is a trusted supplier and distributor of a wide range of epoxy resins and products, including garage floor repair epoxy. We are located on Long Island, New York and ship our products to clients nationwide. We have years of experience in the industry and provide our customers with the best products on the market. And as an in-house manufacturer, we can customize the product to best suit your specifications.

Types of Epoxy Repairs

Repairing a garage floor can seem like a daunting task, but with the right products it does not have to be. With a garage floor, there are three types of repairs that are most common:

  1. Surface Cracks
  2. Pitting
  3. Spalling

Pitting and spalling are more intricate issues to deal with when it comes to repairing your garage floor, but all are still easily fixed problems. This process is made even easier with the affordability with our garage floor repair epoxy.

Why Do Garage Floors Crack?

The cracking of a garage floors is inevitable, because concrete is not a ductile material. All this means is that when concrete stretches and bends it also breaks. Concrete does shrink and expand with the fluctuating temperatures, but this ability is not forever. Over time, it'll crack and be in need of some sort of repair. And when it does, our garage floor repair epoxy can do just the trick.

Many concrete floors are built with contraction joints that are built into the slab, but this is what eventually leads for it to crack. These joints are typically deep grooves or saw cut joints that you see in the concrete. They appear to divide the garage floor into separate slabs, but what really happens is that these grooves create a weakened line in the concrete. This weakened concrete leads to the cracking and follows along with the groove instead of occurring across the entire surface. The cracking is essentially a safety measure, since it'll crack in a way that won't compromise all of it. However, cracking across the entire floor is where it becomes more of a troublesome area.

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