High Performance Epoxy Coating

Poly Coat High Performance Epox
y Coating is unique, 100% solids Epoxy that cures to a high-gloss, stain-resistant, highly washable surface.

This product is completely odorless, non-toxic and authorized for use in food handling areas. The two component mixture is thermo setting and offers exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, withstanding daily washing with steam or water and strong detergents. Because of ease of cleaning and abrasion resistance this coating is practically graffiti proof. Ideal for industrial and institutional flooring.

Part A

Part B


Here is an instructional video demonstrating how to apply and seal a floor with Delta Polymers 100% solid epoxy Polycoat. This system can be applied to concrete as well as wood.


Tests Test Method
Pot life AASHTO-T-237
Viscosity @ 75° ASTMD-2392
Tensile Strength ASTMD-638
Tensile Elongation ASTM D-638
Compressive strength ASTM D-690
Impact Resistance ASTMD-256
Hardness shore D ASTMD-2240
Fungus & Bacteria Resistance MlL-F-52505, T-T-P-34
Resistance to Elevated temperature MIL-D-31 34F SEC 4.7.5. 
Taber Abrasion Resistance CS-1 7 Wheels with 1000gm load of each arm for 10,000 cycles
Flammability ASTD-635
Initial Set Time
Light traffic hours @ 75°F
Curing temperature limits
Ultimate cure @ 75°F 
 Ultimate cure  @ 400°F
Mixing Ratio by Volum

RECOMMENDED USES                    

Commercial, Institutional and Industrial floorings, Warehouses, Art galleries, Hospitals, Laboratories, Locker rooms, Garages, Ramps, Office rooms, Food and Pharmaceuticals production areas, Schools, Fire houses, Post offices, Photo-studios, Automotive centers, Battery rooms, Unit Control rooms, Generator rooms etc. etc.


Solvent free · Water clear · Available in colors · Excellent chemical resistance· Excellent adhesion to concrete, steel and wood · High Gloss · Low temperature CURING · Blush free.


Sulphuric Acid up to 70% -- Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid up to 36% -- Excellent
Acetic Acid, 5% --Excellent
Caustic soda, 10% --Excellent
Caustic soda. 50% --Excellent
Ammonia, 10% --Excellent
Ammonia, 25% --Excellent
Ethonol, 50% --Excellent
Ethonol, 96% --N.R.
Butanol --Excellent
Octanol --Excellent
Xylene --Excellent
Toluene --Good
Benzene --N.R.
Crude oil -- Excellent
Tetraethyl Lead Fuel -- Excellent
Gasoline, high test -- Excellent
MBK --Good-Fair
Pine oil -- Excellent
Distilled water -- Excellent
Water --Excellent
Sea Water -- Excellent
Urea --Excellent
Cola syrup -- Excellent
Acetone --N.R.
Lactic Acid (20%) --Good
Detergents (.03%) --Good