PolyFlex 350

PolyFlex 350

Polyflex 350 is a 100% solid epoxy system which is primarily used as a binder and resurfacing compound. A modified epoxy-amine system having unique properties featuring moisture insensitivite, low viscosity, low Modulus and low temperature curing starting at 30°F and up. It has excellent bond to concrete, steel and wood.

Tests Results Test Method
Pot Life @ 75F
15 - 20 min ASHTO-T237
Curing Temperature Limits
Over 30°F  
Initial Set Time @75F 3-4 hours  
Mixing Ratio by Volume
2 part base : 1 part hardener  
Application Trowel, roll, or spray  
Viscosity @ 75F
1000 - 1500 CPS ASTMD-2393
Tensile Strength
2500 PSI Min. ASTMD-638
Tensile Elongation
30 - 40% ASTMD-638
Tensile Strength (Mortar)
1500 PSI ASTMC-307
Compressive Strength
6000 - 8000 PSI Min ASTMD-695
Compressive Strength Mortar
5000 - 8000 PSI ASTMD-695
Flexural Strength
3500 PSI ASTM-580
Hardness Shore D
70 ASTMD-2240
Bond Strength
100% Concrete Failure ASTMC-882
No Indention MIL-D-3134F
Self extinguished by this test as determined with a backing of concrete ASTMD-635
Water Absorbtion 0.08%  ASTMC-413
Thermal Coefficient of Linear Expansion
5 x 10-5 in/in/F
Various Colors Available  


  • Binder for non-skid surfaces
  • Overlays for bridges
  • commercial flooring
  • Warehouses
  • Food & pharmaceutical processing plants
  • Battery rooms
  • Supermarkets
  • Fire houses
  • Plating rooms
  • Garages
  • Ramps and places where structures move because of stress and temperature

Surface Preparation

Concrete: Concrete surface should be free from oil. grease, loose paint. Concrete surface should be sand blasted or blast tracked. If new concrete it should be acid etched with 25% diluted muriatic acid and rinsed three times with fresh water.

Steel: Steel should be free from rust, oil. grease and loose paint. Steel should be sand blasted to white metal.

Application: Different size aggregates can be used to achieve different types of non-skid surfaces, coarse, medium and fine. Color stone quartz, flint shot sand, sand No-1 and sand No-0, bay salt or aluminum oxide are also avaiible. Overlays can be applied at 1/8", 1/4" or more. There are three basic methods used.

Mortar- To each mixed part of Polyflex - 350 add 4 parts of sand by volume. Mix thoroughly and apply with a trowel at the required thickness of the floor.

Slurry Method- To each mixed part of Polyflex - 350 add 2 parts of sand by volume. Mix thoroughly and apply with a trowel. Allow it to self level. Then broadcast more sand while the epoxy is wet. Let it cure and then sweep up the excess aggregates. You can apply a top coat or finish coat as required.

Broadcast- To achieve a 1/8" thick floor. Apply first coat of mixed Polyflex - 350 at the rate of 50 sq. ft./gal. Broadcast Flint shot sand at the rate of 1 lb./sq. ft. Let it cure. Sweep up the excess sand and repeat the above process again. Then apply the final top coat as required.

ASTMC-881-87- Polyflex - 350 meets ASTMC-881-87, grade-1, class B&C, type III. Poly flex - 350 is also available as grade II, class B&C, type III and grade III, class C&C, type III.