Polythane 1002

Polythane 1002

Polythane - 1002 is a clear coating and sealer for areas where high wear resistance is required. It is a one component moisture cured polyurethane.

Tests Results Test Method
Color Gardner 2 (clear)
Viscosity 200 cps max
Solids 40 + 2%
Flexibility No Cracking or Break 1/8" mandrel
Abrasion Resistance 20 mgs max Taber Abraser 100 Cycles/1000 gm/ CS 10 Wheel
Impact Resistance 160 in/lb
Tensile Strength 5000 PSI
Tensile Elongation 100%
Hardness 36 Sward, 1 Week
Set To Touch 45 Min.
Tack Free 90 Min.
Hard Dry 6 Hours
Pot Life Unlimited


  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • High Mar Resistance
  • High Gloss
  • Good Flexibility
  • Good Impact Resistance


  • Terrazo Sealer
  • Concrete Floor Finish
  • Wood Floor Finish
  • Decrochip Floor Finish and Form Coating (NYSDOT Approved)

Use Instructions

Surfaces should be free of dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants or coatings which might interfere with proper adhesion.

CONCRETE and TERRAZZO: Remove oil and grease with a detergent followed by thorough rinsing and drying.

WOOD: Remove coating and finishes by thoroughly sanding.

STEEL: Remove grease and oil; then sandblast.

Apply Polythane - 1002 by brush or roller.

Do not leave containers open for long periods as Polythane - 1002 cures with moisture from the air. Provide adequate ventilation when Polythane - 1002 is used indoors.

CONCRETE 200-250 sq.ft./gal.
WOOD 200-250 sq.ft./gal.
STEEL 300-350 sq.ft./gal.
Coverage will depend on surface porosity and texture.