Polythane 500

Polythane 500

Polythane - 500 is an elastomeric polyurethane coating system. Polythane -500 is a 100% solid non-moca polyurethane system. It's low viscosity and self leveling properties make it a unique coating which has excellent bond to concrete, wood & steel. Low temperature curing at 40°F. and up.

Tests Results Test method
Viscosity Part A @75F -
800 - 1000 CPS ASTMD-2392
Viscosity Part B @75F -
 300 - 350 CPS ASTMD-2392
Mixing Ratio
2 Part A to 1 Part B by weight or
2.5 Part A to 1 Part B by volume
Mixed Viscosity
350 - 450 CPS 
Pot Life 
 30 minutes
Tensile Strength
900 - 1200 PSI 
Tensile Elongation 250 - 350% ASTMD-412
Tear Strength
75 - 90 PSI 
Abrasion Resistance
5 - 15 mgs. loss
Taber Abrader CS-10 Wheel 1000gm. Wt. 100 cycles 
Water Transmission
No transmission @ 50°F for 60 Min
Water Vapor Transmission
None 24 hrs.
Service Temperature Range
 -60 to + 275°F  
 50 - 60 Shore A
Self extinguishing by this test as deter- mined with a backing of concrete 


  • Concrete, Wood and Steel Decks
  • Mechanical Equipment Rooms
  • Pool Decks
  • Bridge Decks, Parking Decks and Ramps
  • Balconies
  • Gymnasium Floors

Surface Preparation

All areas must be free of dirt, dust, grease, oil and loose paint. All areas should be dry otherwise a moisture insensitive 100% solid epoxy primer (Polykrete - 200) should be applied

Old concrete surfaces should be blast tracked or sanded to remove loose and weak concrete or other contaminants. New concrete should be acid etched with 10% hydrochloric acid and washed thoroughly with water. Surface should be dry.

Steel should be sand blasted to white metal.

Wood surface should be sound, clean and dry.

Polythane - 500 can be applied directly to the properly prepared substrate. However, in the presence of moisture, PolyKrete - 200 can be applied as a primer.

For 1/4" thick flooring system:

  • Apply primer coat with PolyKrete - 200 and broadcast sand while surface is still wet
  • Apply first coat of Polythane - 500
  • Apply second coat of Polythane - 500 and broadcast sand onto the still wet surface
  • Apply a 1/8" thick layer of epoxy mortar of PolyKrete - 200 with sand
  • Top coat with epoxy (PolyCoat) or polyurethane (Polythane)


  • 100% Solids, self leveling
  • Needs no primer or 100% solid epoxy primer
  • Can be applied in multiple coats to achieve certain thicknesses
  • Epoxy mortars are applied right on Polythane - 500 where it acts as a waterproofing membrane
  • High wear resistance·High strength·High elasticity
  • Resistance to thermal and mechanical movement
  • Chemical resistance to acids, alkalines, solvents, oils, gas, detergents, salts and animal refuse