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Delta Polymers of New York is a dedicated supplier of high-quality epoxy resin and polyurethane products for an infinite range of commercial, residential, and industrial flooring and epoxy applications. For over 25 years we have been bringing our customers the utmost in epoxy and polymer technology for the lowest possible cost  with customer satisfaction and quality of our commercial epoxy products being the main focal points since our introduction to the epoxy/resin industry.  We are a trusted and respected international supplier of most everything epoxy, running the gamit from epoxy adhesives and epoxy coatings to complete epoxy flooring and epoxy waterproofing membrane. Our developement of world class sealer and epoxy technology has placed us at the top of the list for many a customer in the construction, marine, and industrial fields. Delta's in-house staff of specifically trained chemists and engineers are able to custom-formulate polyurethane and epoxy resins for  your special project or application. We pride ourselves on highly competitive pricing, short run times, on-going commitment to the quality of our epoxy, and a dedication to continuous improvement of both our products and services. In today's technological society nothing stays the same for vey long and we are driven to remain ahead of the curve in polymer and epoxy advancement. 

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epoxy resin systems are the most effective on the market. We are at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies in the developement of a plethora of specialty epoxy products. From chemical resistant epoxies, electrically conductive epoxy systems and moisture resistant epoxies to underwater epoxy systems, clear penetrating epoxy sealer and epoxy concretes. Specifically engineered epoxies that are custom tailored to your needs are our mainstay. We have an endless range of products including, but not limited to epoxy stone quartz, epoxy flooring, epoxy non-skid surface treatments and adhesives and epoxy resin glue hardeners. We are a supplier of epoxy rebar coating as well as epoxy primer, epoxy paint, epoxy paint remover, liquid epoxy resin, and an assortment of rustoleum-type epoxy products, including rustoleum garage floor epoxy.

Twenty-Five Years in Epoxy Resins
Delta Polymers
has serviced construction, flooring, marine and industrial clients around the world for more than 25 years. We can answer any question about polyurethane and epoxy products. You can count on our expertise to ensure you get the product you need. Our easy-to-use web catalog of epoxy resin systems will help you get started.
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Whether you are tackling a do-it-yourself project or are constructing a large commercial facility,
Delta Polymers has the epoxy resin products to suit your needs.

Call our New York Epoxy Resin System Headquarters in Bay Shore, Long Island toll-free at 800-966-5142.

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